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 Naomi Matsuki

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Naomi Matsuki

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PostSubject: Naomi Matsuki   Sat Apr 05, 2008 8:56 pm

Name: Naomi Matsuki (but you can call me Nai! or Nai-chan! XD)
Clan: Matsuki
Story: As a child, I grew up without a mother and my father was barely ever home. In my free time, I would train hard and soon enough I found myself becoming more and more powerful. Then one day, my father had never come home from his mission. A friend of his, who was also a person he went on the mission with said he was killed by an attack on their way back to the village. They then placed me with my uncle, who was basically a really big bastard. He was an alchoholic and always went out to the bar and clubs. Once i passed the chuunin exam at age 7, I began training harder, then i took and passed the Jounin exam at age 9. As time went on, my Uncle tired himself out from all the drugs and achohol and died. I was left alone. But it was for the better, because i have mastered my bloodline, and i know more jutsus then most people in all the villages.
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Naomi Matsuki
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