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 Available jutsus

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Naomi Matsuki

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PostSubject: Available jutsus   Sat Apr 05, 2008 9:06 pm

Fire Jutsus
Fire Element; Fire Element; Balsam Spread Fire: (chuunin)
Fire Element; Fire Dragon Flame Missile: (chuunin)
Fire Element; Grand Fireball Jutsu: (chuunin)
Fire Element; Dragon Fire Technique:chuunin)
Fire Element; Flame Blowing: (genin)
Fire Element; Toad Oil Fire Bullet: (Toad Must Be Summoned) (jounin)
Fire Element; Phoenix Jutsu: (genin)
Fire Element; Phoenix Flower Jutsu: (genin)
Fire Element; Blazing Fireball Jutsu: (chuunin)
Fire Element; Flame Dragon Jutsu:(chuunin)

Ice Jutsus
Ice Element; Piercing Dragon Fierce Tiger: (chuunin)
Ice Element; Double Black Dragon Blizzard: (jounin)
Ice Element; One Horned Whale: (jounin)
Ice Element; Rouge Nature Jutsu: (jounin)
Ice Element; Black Dragon Blizzard: (jounin)

Earth Jutsus
Earth Element; Earth Dragon Missile: (chuunin)
Earth Element; Earth Landslide: Jounin
Earth Element; Earth Wall: jounin

Water Jutsus
Water Element; Water Dragon Bullet: chuunin
Water Element; Water Wall: chuunin
Water Element; Water Prison Jutsu: (Must stick hand in, in order to keep jutsu active)chuunin
Water Element; Water Vortex Jutsu:chuunin
Water Element; Water Dragon Jutsu: (takes two posts to summon- 1 for handsigns the other for the actual summoning.) jounin

Other Jutsus
Academy Ninja Clone Jutsu:academy student
Academy Ninja Transformation Jutsu:academy student
A Thousand Years of Pain: (Jab Fingers Into Target's Rear) genin
Chidori: chuunin
Chidori Level 2:chuunin
Chidori Level 3: jounin
Demonic Illusion; Hell Decent Jutsu: kage
Dispell: academy student
Hidden Snake Hand: jounin
Reversal Jutsu: academy student
Reverse Hypnosis Jutsu: chuunin
Secret Tree Jutsu: (Without Palms Touching) jounin
Shadow Clone: genin
Substitution Jutsu: academy student
Transportation Jutsu:academy student

(i know i didn't put the ability or in the correct format, but this is because these jutsus are all easy to learn and to look up, besides they are used in the show and the title says it all)
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Available jutsus
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